INNOVATRADE INGREDIENTS CORPORATION is a Philippine company established in 2007 that is engaged in the importation and distribution of various food ingredients to serve the Philippine food manufacturing industry.

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INNOVATRADE’s main product is EXCELLENT SERVICE. It is imperative that INNOVATRADE equips itself with sufficient technical knowledge and proper service attitude, while maintaining close and direct contact with its customers to efficiently serve their needs.

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InnovaTrade Outreach Program 2016

We could make a meaningful Christmas by doing good deeds for other people. Being with the children was such a great feeling for me especially when we made them laugh. I would cherish that moment as one of the best Christmas I've ever had.
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Davis Gelatin

The GELITA is a gelatine, collagen and collagen peptide experts. They are the leading gelatine specialist in all application sectors – food, pharmaceuticals, photographic and specialty products. It produces gelatine from all relevant raw materials, on all continents and for all applications.
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Bensdorp Premium Cocoa Powder in 8KG Box

The Bensdorp story began in 1840, when Gerardus Bensdorp founded his small cocoa factory, Bensdorp Bro. in The Netherlands, and created the “Royal Dutch Cocoa” powder recipe.
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